e33 – Our Setups: Then and Now

We compare our current setups with how we worked and played on the classic Mac. Along the way we praise modern backups, pay for our previously pirated software, and Brian accidentally downloads malware.

Links for this episode:

Our current hardware

Our classic hardware

Our software

now: Safari [Ed], Adamant [Ed], Ghostery [Brian]
then: Netscape Navigator / Communicator, Internet Explorer

now: Gmail [Brian], Airmail [Ed]
then: America Online email [Brian and Ed], Outlook Express [Ed]

now: iTunes [Brian and Ed]
then: Audion [Brian and Ed], MacAMP [Ed], AppleCD Audio Player [Ed]

now: OmniFocus [Ed]
then: Ø

now: TweetBot [Ed]
then: Hotline [Ed]

now: TextEdit [Brian], Atom [Brian], TextWrangler [Ed]
then: SimpleText

now: TextExpander [Ed]
then: TypeIt4Me [Ed]

now: iStat Menus [Ed] recently: MenuMeters [Ed]
then: IP NetMonitor [Ed]

now: Transmit [Brian and Ed]
then: Transmit [Brian and Ed]
the bad old days: AOL FTP [Ed]

now: Lightroom [Ed], Photos [Brian]
then: Finder

now: Ø
then: Roxio Toast [Ed]

now: Google Docs [Brian and Ed]
then: SubEthaEdit [Ed]