e82 – Pro

The announcement of the 2019 Mac Pro got us thinking about what Apple has called "Pro" in the past. That includes incredibly expensive hard drives, printers with RAM slots, an OS patch release, and even its employees!

e81 – The NeXT Transition

e80 – Fictional Mac Draft

e79 – Bungie

This episode is all about the venerable game developer Bungie and how they got their start on the Classic Mac. We cover all their titles, including a trio of Marathons, terrible code names, and the coolest game Steve Jobs had ever seen.


e78 – Apple Audio

Apple has been building computers — and standalone products — with sound capabilities for over 40 years. We discuss 1-bit audio, incredible hardware hacks, usable and unusable old speakers, a CD drive with a horrible logo, and even the HomePod.