e30 – Ten Years of Intel Macs

We celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first Intel-based Macs, which were released in January of 2006. Always on the quest for more performance per watt, we contemplate Apple's big hardware and software transitions of the past, present, and even the future!

PowerPC to Intel

Current and future transitions

e29 – Software Packaging

It's a Boxing Day special all about when software came in boxes (or cans, sometimes). We cover everything from staid operating system packaging to odd un-stackable shapes to wild, fictional shareware box art.

Third party – unique boxes

e28 – Software for Kids

We review some of the best software for kids on the Apple II and the Classic Mac, most of which we grew up with. Along the way we die of dysentery (not really), pursue a sticky-fingered filcher, and put "something on that I don't like!"



e27 – Apple advertising

e26 – Preserving Mac history with Stephen Hackett

To celebrate our first anniversary, we're joined by Stephen Hackett of relay.fm and 512 Pixels. We talk about the different ways we came to the Mac, some of the weirder things in our Apple collections, and the importance of archiving technology for the future.

Also part of our anniversary celebrations, Simple Beep t-shirts are available!