e57 – Colorful Apple Products

Inspired by the release of the PRODUCT (RED) iPhone, we trace case colors throughout Apple's history: candy-color Macs, lots and lots of iPods, and some expensive rarities.


Colorful Macs

e56 – Behind the Show

We go behind the scenes of Simple Beep: how we create the show, a comprehensive emulation how-to, and our favorite classic Mac resources.

e55 – Crazy Apple Concepts

This episode covers a bunch of Apple products that barely or never happened, including a magic tablet, IPTV vaporware, and some wild green machines from Macworld.

e54 – The Newton Community

e53 – The Newton

This episode, we look at the Newton platform — Apple's first attempt at (almost) handheld computing. Recorded on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone announcement, we notice a lot of parallels between the development of Newton devices and the iOS devices we carry today.