EV how-to

How to run Escape Velocity on OS X

There are two ways to run Escape Velocity in OS X. You can either use the EV Nova engine + plugins or run the classic EV app in an emulator.

Method 1: EV in an emulator

  1. Install a classic Mac OS emulator such as SheepShaver or Basilisk. This kit has most everything you need to get started with Basilisk. Be sure to add a "Unix root" directory so you can move files between OS X and the emulation environment.
  2. Download Escape Velocity from the Ambrosia website. It is a .bin file, which you can double click to expand in OS X. Move the Installer into your emulator environment.
  3. Run the installer inside the emulator. You cannot install to a mapped OS X folder (the "Unix" volume in Basilisk) so you will need to have a mounted .img with enough free space for the application. This could be your classic OS startup disk or a separate disk image. If you need to create a .img, use Disk Utility and make sure it is formatted as Mac OS Standard (not Extended).
  4. Launch EV inside the emulator and enjoy!

Method 2: EV Nova plugins

  1. Download EV Nova and install it.
  2. Download the Escape Velocity Trilogy plugin / launcher app.
  3. Make sure your copy of EV Nova is registered.
    • If you've never purchased it, you still can purchase a license from Ambrosia's website.
    • If you have purchased it in the past with an email address you still have access to, enter your serial number in the registration window. It will prompt you to refresh your serial number and a new one will be delivered to the address on file.
    • If you have purchased it in the past and no longer have access to the email address it was registered under, contact Ambrosia support on twitter or by email to get your serial number transferred and refreshed.
  4. Open the EV Trilogy app and select the original Escape Velocity. Enjoy!