e75 – MacAddict

This episode we revisit MacAddict magazine and its freakin' awesome coverage of the Apple world in the late '90s.

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e74 – The Rumor Mill

e73 – The iMac at 20

We celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of the original iMac, tracing how the revolutionary Bondi gumdrop evolved into flagship desktop Mac of today.

Not quite.

Not quite.

e72 – The App Store at 10

e71 – Apple Typography

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Great typography has been part of Apple products since the original Macintosh. From 1-bit wonders to Thinking Different in Garamond to SF Mono, we examine decades of Apple's fonts on screen and in print.

A plague of frogs and other dingbats.

A plague of frogs and other dingbats.