e51 – Designed by Apple in California

Ed is joined by Stephen Hackett to talk about the how and what (rather than the why) of Apple chronicling its own history in the new photo book Designed by Apple in California, as well as Stephen's new ebook Aqua and Bondi.

e50 – Legacy I/O

We cover the wild, wonderful, and sometimes half-baked history of getting data in and out of Macs. It turns out we've been citizens of Dongle Town for a long time already.

 The only HDI-45 monitor.

The only HDI-45 monitor.

 The last, best CRT monitor.

The last, best CRT monitor.


e49 – Town Hall

After what is surely-for-real-this-time the last event at Apple's Town Hall event space on the Infinite Loop campus, we cover the history of events big and small that have happened in Apple's most intimate presentation setting.

Apple's Town Hall at IL4

 Goodbye (again)

Goodbye (again)

e48 – The Apple Community at Release Notes

In September we attended the Release Notes conference and got to meet some awesome people in the Apple community. In this episode, we share five conversations we had at Release Notes about the history of the Mac, iOS, and finding fellow Apple nerds.

Special: Mac draft

At Release Notes, we joined Stephen Hackett and Christina Warren to pick our personal favorite Macs…and we managed to keep it mostly on the rails.

This episode was originally released in the Relay FM B-Sides feed.