e47 – Avara

Avara, the minimalist 3D mech shooter from Ambrosia Software, just turned 20 years old. We celebrate the occasion and are joined by Scarlet Swordfish, who ran a 20th anniversary event that was livestreamed on Twitch.


Hector in the forest

Key layout customization

e46 – One More Thing

Apple announced a lot of things this past week, but they didn't announce One More Thing. This episode is a comprehensive rundown of Steve Jobs' biggest presentation trope — the good, the bad, and the ugly of specially featured Apple announcements.

One More Thing from Steve

0. MWSF 1998: Apple is profitable

  1. MWSF 1999: Five flavors of iMac
  2. Seybold 1999: 22” Cinema Display
  3. Special event fall 1999: iMac DV, iMac DV SE
  4. MWNY 1999: Airport
  5. MWSF 2000: Aqua, Steve is full CEO
  6. MWNY 2000: G4 Cube
  7. MWSF 2001: PowerBook G4 Titanium
  8. MWNY 2002: iPods for Windows, 17” iMac G4
  9. MWSF 2003: 12” PowerBook G4
  10. WWDC 2003: Power Mac G5
  11. MW Paris 2003: Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  12. MWSF 2004: iPod mini colors
  13. WWDC 2004: 30” Cinema Display
  14. Music event 2004: U2 iPod
  15. MWSF 2005: iPod shuffle
  16. The "One More Thing" event: TV shows in iTunes
    Night Stalker
  17. MWSF 2006: MacBook Pro
  18. Music event 2006: movies in iTunes Store, iTV preview, John Legend performance
  19. WWDC 2007: Safari for Windows, web apps for iPhone
  20. Music event 2007: iTunes WiFi Music Store
  21. iPhone software roadmap event (spring 2008): the iFund
  22. Special event fall 2008: unibody MacBook
  23. Music event 2009: 5th generation iPod nano
  24. WWDC 2010: FaceTime
  25. Music event 2010: 2nd generation Apple TV
  26. Special event fall 2010: 2nd generation MacBook Air
  27. WWDC 2011: iTunes Match

One More Thing from Tim

e45 – Mice

From solid steel balls to unusable hockey pucks to sleek pieces of sushi, we cover all of Apple's mouse designs. And we couldn't stop there, so we threw in some trackpads and third-party pointers for good measure. 🐭

  • Patrick Blampied's iOS Macintosh Portable

e44 – Portability

Apple has been striving to make their products thinner, lighter, and easier to carry around for well over 30 years. We discuss some landmark products in Apple's quest for portability.

e43 – Help

This episode we discuss the history of how Apple has helped you learn to use the Mac. Along the way we encounter Jay, Cleo, undersea creatures, and the horror of HTML frames.